Digital Boomers

In 2018, we launched Digital Boomers with a coalition

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Download the easy read report here


We brought together a coalition of 16 public and third sector organisations in Essex to develop a theory of change for transforming the county’s approach to using digital to increase independence for older people and those with disabilities. Over the last year and a half, Digital Boomers has now involved hundreds of collaborators, working across several workstreams and pilots that are changing the way we use digital with local people to promote independence and we have a pioneering of citizens, health, care and academic professionals who are committed to improving digital skills for over 55s and within the health and social care workforce.

We published a report which details our perception-busting evidence on how older people in Essex are using tech and considered what we might do to enhance this with regards to health and wellbeing.

Using a theory of change methodology and local insight, Digital Boomers:

  • allows older people and those with disabilities to access technology to help them live independently at home
  • leverages the existing tech curiosity of older people to harness the power of tech they are already using
  • provides safe and friendly ways for people to explore and play with tech before deciding what’s right for them
  • inspires people to think about tech differently, increase independence and wellbeing – and moreover, have fun
  • provides connection points for system partners to work together on harnessing digital for the people they serve

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Interested in rolling out Digital Boomers in your area? We have a range of approaches to help local leaders deliver Digital Boomers in their own communities, including a Social Franchise Package. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

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