Digital Innovation

We are supporting a number of organisations to stimulate innovation and promote digital transformation. Including:

Delivering a digital innovation programme for adult social care

For the last 12 months RETHINK Partners has been working in an embedded way with Essex County Council to develop and deliver a Digital Innovation programme for adult social care. When we arrived the programme was foundering – lacking in focus and coherence, not delivering impact, poorly understood internally and externally, and with some gaps in key areas. Stepping into an interim role as Director of Digital Innovation for Adult Social Care, Clare has worked closely with internal staff to establish the programme including setting up governance, strong project and programme delivery disciplines and working across the organisation to identify key business drivers and opportunities for digital to deliver the ASC business strategy.

We have paid attention to involving a range of stakeholders including service users and citizens, 3rd sector partners, providers in the local care market and health partners in the local NHS / STPs. We have also developed a communications programme and materials to ensure that frontline staff, internal audiences and external groups know about the programme, its ambitions and how we are getting on. Additional value has come from our knowledge of the tech market, our external networks with the industry and with other health and care staff working in the digital space including national players. Through this we have successfully bid for external funds from the LGA and NHS Digital to further support this work as well as gaining profile for the programme.

The key to our success has been to realise that this is a change programme not an IT programme; we have therefore paid attention to all of the conditions that need to be in place for successful change, as well as understanding how to successfully develop and deliver impact from using digital solutions.

William Russell, Adult Social Care Digital Programme Director, Essex County Council,  said: ”We have been delighted and impressed with the progress and impact of the ASC digital programme under Clare’s leadership; she has taken the programme to a new level. We are now confident about purpose, delivery and impact; the programme is now focused on our key priorities and she has helped us understand when and how to take advantage of the opportunity presented by modern technology to meet our strategic aims, improve services for citizens and improve working conditions for our staff. I could not speak more highly of Clare and her team.”


Supporting transformation with the right tools for a sustainable comms approach

We created the framework and tools to get the communications approach off the ground for ASC colleagues. This included setting strategy; set up of channels, creating content and templates and unearthing new opportunities to engage stakeholders that ASC Digital colleagues can self-service with in future months. We developed an onward communications plan to guide the team over the coming months. This includes:

  • Communications strategy and plan
  • A visual identity for the programme that stays true to the council brand
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Content for online and offline offline activities
  • A forward plan for regularly communicating with and engaging staff and other stakeholders
  • Communications templates: blog, powerpoint deck, web content, standard briefing, social media
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Internal and external comms
  • A series of blogs written up for various aspects of the work

Using digital to increase independence

Digital Boomers is a ground-breaking collaboration of health and care partners who support older people and adults with disabilities to use digital to live more independently.

Using a theory of change methodology and local insight, it:

  • allows older people to access to technology to help them live independently at home through developing their skills and confidence with and led by peers
  • leverages the existing tech curiosity of older people to harness the power of tech they are already using
  • provides safe and friendly ways for people to explore and play with tech before deciding what’s right for them
  • inspires people to think about tech differently, increase independence and wellbeing – and moreover, have fun

Benefits to public services

  • increases confidence in tech, allowing channel shift of citizens and greater independence
  • enables citizens to see what they can self-purchase to increase their health and wellbeing
  • empowers people to prevent illness or decline in illness, reducing or preventing care packages, pressures on health services and increasing independence

Social Franchise Offer

Our social franchise offer makes use of community assets to share digital and tech skills to build confidence and independence whilst reducing loneliness and isolation. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss.


Developing a digital strategy for care & wellbeing pioneers

Essex Cares Limited and their 1200 staff across Essex, Havering and Sussex support older people, adults with learning disabilities, adults receiving reablement services and people with sensory impairment. We worked with them to create their new digital strategy – which they are calling a “Living Digital Strategy”.

We helped them assess and identify their priority areas which were staff skills and culture change. Alongside that, we worked closely with them to help define their digital: vision; aims; “must dos”; audiences (segmented by staff, customers & commissioners); the organisation’s digital mindset; digital skills; approach to using data & insight; enablers and delivery partners.


Colchester Food Bank

We worked with Colchester Food Bank to help them plan a communications strategy that would harness the best of digital through: stakeholder mapping; channel mapping; harnessing the power of the brand through stories and selecting the best “free” digital tools.


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