We love meeting people from all walks of life; understanding their lives and finding ways to play back their lived experience, to help decision makers prioritise how they improve services, experience, working life, impact and outcomes. We are good at finding communities of people who may previously have been reluctant to participate in traditional feedback mechanisms and we enjoy nurturing those new communities to help clients sustain those crucial relationships into the future.

We run focus groups, workshops and one-to-one discussions, tailoring our approach to ensure people are comfortable enough to safely share their experience and have their voice heard. People often have busy and complicated lives and sometimes there are a range of barriers that prevent them from sharing their lived experience with others. We constantly strive to democratise that process and we see it as our job to go the extra mile to find and hear those who may be less likely to participate – as well as those more connected to or willing to connect with traditional feedback routes.

Stakeholders in any piece of work are often diverse and span commissioning and provision; statutory organisations, private, not for profit and third sector; health, social care and education; clinicians, allied professionals and youth workers. This could include parents, carers, a broad spectrum of professionals and young people. Sometimes, people with lived experience are wearing more than one hat and it’s important to understand the fluidity and tension of how they want to communicate different things at different times.

We have the utmost respect for people’s contribution and time commitments therefore we always strive to engage with, co-design and co-produce with people in a way that’s convenient to their lives. We have worked with the following sectors: education, health, social care, youth work, manufacturing, technology, politics, retail, policing, fire & rescue, entertainment, academia and public health. We have worked with children and adults from all walks of life including people receiving support for emotional wellbeing and mental health; people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments; children in care; people of all ages from the LGBTQ+ community; young trans people in education; people with learning difficulties; people with neurodiverse conditions such as ASD, ADHD/ADD and young people in receipt of SEND support in schools.

We love the diversity of where our insight work takes us and we want to keep expanding our friends and collaborators from all walks of life.

Read some of our insight reports:

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