Market Access for Tech Innovators

We partner with a number of start-ups and tech companies to provide a route into the health and care market, including:


DBR is a leading and highly innovative sensor technology company that we have been working alongside over the last two years. We have used our extensive sector knowledge and expertise to support DBR to develop their products and their thinking, as well as to gain entry to the NHS. At present, we are working with DBR, City University and two Essex hospitals to trial the use of sensor technology and machine learning to develop real time decision aids to support clinical staff in A&E to reduce waiting times and improve flow through the department.


CareDoctR automates the way in which practices monitor and recall patients with long term conditions. Transforming a manual, laborious process into one that is integrated, streamlined and reliable, saving practices money and improving patient care. We have been working with GP, Dr Ayub Khan to help him articulate the current and future potential of this exciting innovation and navigate the commissioning landscape of primary care and funding.

Upright Go

Upright Go is an innovative, wearable posture trainer. Whilst a user is wearing the tiny device it monitors and gives feedback on posture. When used in combination with the Upright App, for a few minutes every day for a 6 week period, it allows user to train their muscles to deliver better posture and a range of health benefits. Working with Dr Harry Thirkettle, the NHS and Anglia Ruskin University we have worked with the innovators to understand potential opportunities to market test the Upright Go with hospital staff who we know are prone to having back problems. We will be working with 100 NHS doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to gain feedback on the product and its efficacy, experience and engagement levels. This market testing phase will generate data from key potential customer groups and enable us to build a knowledge base and expansion strategy for Upright’s next phase.

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