“Working with RETHINK Partners has been a great experience. They are informed, reflective, bring in new ideas and approaches and are stimulating to work with. They have helped us to pilot new services and technology; their practical approach to testing and learning means we end up with a clear way forward that we are able to apply in practice. Their network and connections are second to none and their hands on experience of the health and care system at all levels shines through. Most importantly they deliver – 100%.”

Peter Fairley, Director, Strategy, Policy and Integration, Essex County Council


“RETHINK Partners have been great partners to our system and have had a hugely positive impact – we miss them! They bring a wealth of experience, clarity of thought, and have been tenacious in driving the work forward. They have helped us to design and embed a transformation programme that is owned by all our partners, commands the support of leaders as well as practitioners and which is, critically, deliverable. Above all, the team have held senior roles in the NHS and local government – they instinctively walk in our shoes and understand the complexity of our world. We rapidly felt that we were working with partners, not external consultants.”

Sara Tough, Executive Director of Children’s Services, Norfolk County Council


“It has been a great privilege working with the RETHINK Partners team. Their extensive knowledge, skills and positive style of engagement has helped bring our system together in a productive and efficient way. It has been refreshing to work with a team of individuals who have offered great guidance, support and a sense of direction that came at a time of great need. They have enabled us to think differently and most importantly to think together as one system. They have worked hard in building and bridging existing relationships within our complex system in a way that gives us the best chance of success and sustainability. Their consultancy skills are excellent and they do this in a way where they felt like an integral part of the team. Mostly, their work has provided a solid foundation for us to build upon and have left us with us with a renewed sense of hope.”

Dr Tim Clarke, Research Clinical Psychologist, NHS NSFT


”We have been delighted and impressed with the progress and impact of the Adult Social Care digital programme under Clare’s leadership; she has taken the programme to a new level. We are now confident about purpose, strategy, delivery and impact; the programme is now focused on our key priorities and she has helped us understand when and how to take advantage of the opportunity presented by modern technology to meet our strategic aims, improve services for citizens and improve working conditions for our staff. I could not speak more highly of Clare and her team.”

William Russell, Adult Social Care Digital Programme Director, Essex County Council


“Thank you RETHINK Partners, for achieving a productive use of time, that resulted in useful resources and was a lovely experience – not often you get all three at once!”

Michael Beckett, Chief Officer, Colchester Foodbank

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