RETHINK Partners is uniquely placed to connect people, services and tech for social good.

We love solving challenging problems and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and discover where their big issues are. This often means, uncovering surprising issues and opportunities along the way.

We work hard to unlock new value – and to explore, innovate and test ideas alongside our clients – to deliver impact where it really matters. Our first-hand experience in senior leadership roles in health and social care means we know how difficult it is to make changes to services, but we also know how great the rewards can be when we get it right. And we are committed to using digital technology where it makes sense, as part of this work.

Our passion is evident as we gather stories, lived experience and capture first-hand insight into real-world scenarios that are not based on assumptions. We talk to all kinds of people and communities – patients, families, clinicians, customers and professionals – as a core part of how we work. This helps us evidence people’s real-time experience of products, services and systems – and provide living solutions that break new ground. We are experts at service redesign, working with local leaders to create the right conditions for change to thrive and sustain.

Most importantly, we complete that final, crucial step so that our work has lasting impact.

Take a look at our consultancy specialties:

And here’s some examples of how we deliver our specialties:

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