putting people first to transform the health and care sector

putting people first to
transform the health
and care sector

Connecting people, services and technology

We want to help health and care services be the best that they can be – for all our sakes. Our mission is that simple – and that hard.

We work end to end with our clients to unlock the potential of people, services and technology to make things better – diagnostic, insight, strategy, delivery, evaluation. We’ll start and finish wherever you need us most.

We act as a bridge between the technology sector and local authorities / the NHS, enabling them to provide innovative health and care solutions to their communities.

With a strong focus on the end-user, our solutions make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable people, as well as those supporting them.

Helping health and care services to thrive

By working with the NHS and local authorities to review current services and co-create innovative solutions; applying technology where it will make a difference.

Placing people at the heart of what we do

By understanding that our key aim is to enrich the lives and experiences of those in the health and care sector: users, patients, families and staff, plus everyone in between.

Empowering vulnerable people

Listening to and involving people in our work; using their experience to strengthen services and improve quality of life; smart technology for all is at the heart of what we do.

how we work


We work alongside our clients to explore their needs, issues and services. Through this, we are able to uncover opportunities and unlock value.


Working with valued partners, we develop sustainable solutions with long-term impact. Usually, this involves redesigning services and processes, or creating bespoke solutions with cutting edge thinking, design and technology.


Rethink is the brainchild of former senior leaders in the health and social care sector. We know first-hand how hard it is to implement change, and how great the rewards can be for the people you care for. We stay alongside you and support you to make sure people feel and experience the impact and benefits immediately.

what our clients say