About us

Rethink Partners is an organisation fuelled by passionate individuals dedicated to improving health and care services. We’ve all held leadership and operational roles in the NHS, local government and voluntary sector and are experienced change agents. We walk in your shoes and can provide leadership and focus on the things that really matter. Our combination of experience, skills and values means we’re uniquely placed to support you to make a real impact on the lives of the people you serve.

To learn more about what we have achieved, and how, please see our case studies.

1. Care

We place people at the heart of everything we do. We listen, we explore, and we always involve staff, citizens, patients, carers and families in our work to enhance the lives of every person accessing health and care support.

2. Connection

Meaningful connections are fundamental to everyone’s quality of life. From facilitating important conversations among frontline staff and decision makers, to helping embed digital technologies that connect older people and people with disabilities to their loved ones, we’re always building the relationships and connections that empower people.

3. Ambition

We believe the possibilities of digital technology are endless and our ambition knows know limits. Digital transformation can empower people. Rethink Partners is committed to learning, evaluating and continually uncovering opportunities to improve services.

Our vision

We want health and care services to be the best that they can be, meeting the needs and aspirations of the people who use them, and providing pleasurable satisfying workplaces where people can give their best every day. We help achieve this by working alongside health and care organisations, supporting and challenging them to make change happen; connecting them with technology and fresh thinking; helping them to connect with and listen to local people and staff.  We help organisations reach a place where all that they do is ambitious, grounded, connected and purposeful.

Our team

Irene Carson

Managing Director

Liz Cutts

Operations Manager

Jemma Mindham

Change Consultant

Simon Evans

Change Consultant

Sarah Mills

Change Consultant

Clare Martin

Communications Consultant

Clare Morris

Clare has a unique background and skillset that means she’s trusted by public sector leaders to tackle the most complex and sensitive of issues. Her instinct for spotting opportunities and creating value for partners is underpinned by a pragmatic and strongly ethical approach. Clients know they are always being given the right advice for their circumstances.

Clare is as comfortable leading challenging, multi-partner, transformational work as she is driving technical challenges. From leading culture change on the world’s fastest roll out of care technology for vulnerable people to reshaping discharge pathways, Clare thrives on the challenging work of public services.

Irene Carson

The freedom and trust Irene is given by our clients, to explore and discover why people behave as they do and the causes and effects of those behaviours, decisions and policies mean she can help organisations make radical shifts in how they function. Irene uses a combination of traditional consultant methods: enquiry, data analysis, triangulation and combines them with her instinct for finding the right people to talk to. 

Turning subjective instincts about where to zoom in and look closer, into critical insights about where the barriers to success and the opportunities lie. The aim is to quickly make sense of the complexity; see the big picture and the detail simultaneously and recognise what’s needed.

Liz Cutts

As the first point of contact for all business enquiries, Liz meticulously manages our day-to-day activities while also providing project management, governance, rethink partners and our clients contracting expertise. She manages the relationships between people and organisations to ensure that every experience with us is positive. 

Several years administrating NHS boards – including health and care integration – means Liz is experienced in many areas of corporate governance, policy, audit and finance. Liz manages compliance with our clients and partners: providing accountability and visibility of our achievements.

Jemma Mindham

Jemma has 18 years of experience working in the voluntary and community sector at national and local levels in both delivery and senior leadership roles. She has an energetic approach to tackling social challenges and her passion and enthusiasm create exciting spaces for building solutions. People open up to her relaxed yet professional style giving her the ability to really get to the heart of individual as well as organisational needs.

She has successfully developed and delivered programmes of change working with local and national health, social care and government partners within the fields of digital inclusion, personalisation and social action.

Simon Evans

Simon has over 18 years of experience working within local authorities.

Helping to shape the future of occupational therapy for over 10 years, and specialising within the fields of community equipment provision, service development and procurement.

The last 6 years have been spent as a TEC lead and team manager, pushing the boundaries of technology provision within an integrated health and social care environment.

Leading on digital switchover and transformation of an existing telecare and call alarm service.

Believing passionately in holistic tech assessment, utilising smart home technology for Occupational Therapy and a fervent believer in using virtual care to underpin a strengths-based approach.

As a multi award winner, he has significant training experience on the application of technology throughout all areas of social care and health.

Sarah Mills

Passionate about communities and people, Sarah has delivered integrated neighbourhood models which support people to stay independent and well at home, and reduce hospital admissions. Using population health data and community conversations at neighbourhood level, she creates the ideal conditions for collaboration and insightful decision making to address health and social inequalities.

Sarah has delivered NICE national clinical guidelines for several long-term conditions including heart failure and respiratory disease. She led a heart failure quality improvement programme across a population of six million with more than forty partners from health, social care and academia, and worked in London developing research sites in primary care for global clinical trials.

Most recently Sarah has been working passionately across health and care integration. A mental health nurse by background, Sarah is curious and questioning whilst creating the energy to make good things happen.

Clare Martin

Clare’s passion for positively impacting lives is central to Rethink Partners’ ethos. As a Member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM), she brings substantial expertise from her roles as International Editorial Director and UK Managing Director in leading publishing and marketing firms. Clare’s approach involves deeply understanding client organisations, particularly in technology and startups, to enhance their market presence with effective multi-channel strategies.

Known for immersing herself in organisations, Clare excels at identifying areas where her skills can be most beneficial. She has assisted a diverse range of clients, including tech leaders, startups, and progressive businesses, in carving out their market niche and amplifying their messages through effective multi-channel marketing strategies. Clare’s work extends to collaborations with public sector entities and charities, focusing on creating content in partnership with communities and stakeholders, ensuring each campaign resonates at its core.