Apply to be a Senior Consultant at Rethink Partners

Exciting news! We’re growing our team and we’re looking for fast thinkers and passionate change-drivers to come aboard.

We’re seeking a senior consultant to join us and really get their teeth into all the work we do, including consulting, research, insight, communication, culture change and tech adoption.

You’ll have experience working with the public sector and will be fast on your feet, creative and knowledgeable about all the challenges being thrown in the health and care sector right now. You’re ready to change mindsets and offer insights based on your experience.

Are you looking for your next challenge?

The role of the Senior Consultant is to deliver high quality, impactful programmes of work whilst managing a diverse range of stakeholders including: clients; collaborators; local people, service users and professionals – resulting in impactful, measurable and repeatable projects that meet or exceed client expectations and raise the profile of Rethink Partners. The senior consultant acts as an authentic and positive ambassador for Rethink Partners at all times, embodying our culture and values.

The work of the senior consultant draws on many skills and approaches depending on the nature of the project including consulting, research, insight, communication, culture change and tech adoption; the senior consultant will work with company directors to create the right methods and approach for each project and to draw in skills from other team members where required.

All our work is seeking to improve the quality, effectiveness and inclusivity of public services and whilst we may do this in different settings, with different people and use a wide range of skills our guiding purpose is:

To stimulate people to see public services differently so that they can unlock their passion, connect with their purpose & make things better.

We imagine a world where people working in public services, whatever their role, feel empowered to push for the best every day; and that people using services experience respect, compassion, and joy because power is shared equally & no one is left behind.

The Rethink Partners approach

Whilst we recognise we are on our own journey to improve our work and its impact, there are some common threads that underpin all our work and are important to us achieving our long term goal. We aim for ourselves and our work to be:

  • Inclusive
  • Relevant and practical
  • Engaging and good quality
  • Grounded
  • Authentic
  • Adaptive
  • Respectful
  • Fun

We consciously:

  • Stimulate thinking and learning for ourselves and others
  • Everything we do is an intervention: we sweat every opportunity to influence, engage and shift people
  • Communication throughout our work is essential to achieving impact and sustainability; we prioritise this
  • Bring all of ourselves to our work

Throughout everything we do we treat other people and behave in a way that we expect from others; our standards are high – but we are human. Being part of Rethink Partners is about bringing your own individuality to our work; our team is linked by our shared values.

Core Duties:

Client Delivery

  • Support / lead the planning of client projects including project planning and the development of tools and approaches to deliver the requirements. Learn about the client’s business challenges, context and technologies to understand their needs.
  • Outline the scope of the work and identify and map out schedules, milestones, and required resources to meet the project objectives.
  • Determine and communicate the work product or results that will be delivered to the client upon project completion. Always consider the likely audiences for deliverables and outputs to ensure they are suitable, relevant and to increase the likelihood of the work being taken forward.
  • Conduct research, analysis and data collection to understand how stakeholders and their organisations function and where barriers and opportunities to success are. Use a range of techniques and approaches to deliver this. Undertake thematic analysis to playback findings and to develop recommendations for change. Draw on insight and learning from elsewhere as required.
  • When undertaking research draw on established research methods: analyse and communicate advising best approach; undertaking fieldwork in line with standards and ethics; ensure good research governance is in place including consent where required. Be transparent and open with participants and clients about how information will be used and shared.
  • Interview and manage a wide range of stakeholders, some of which may be sensitive/emotive. Be inclusive and thoughtful about who and how people are included in this work to gather a range of views and to engender ownership of the work along the way – to build sustainability, inclusivity and diversity.
  • Run workshops, focus groups and meetings.
  • Prepare reports, proposals, and presentations as client deliverables at the end of projects and as part of client reporting throughout project delivery.
  • Analyse information from a range of sources to form hypotheses and recommendations.
  • Stay current with latest trends and apply them to business models of the company and clients; share intelligence and learning with Rethink colleagues.
  • Proactively link clients with their peers in other organisations. Share learning and best practice across the sector and facilitate linking people up.
  • Generate collateral, tools, methods in doing client work that will contribute to the Rethink knowledge base and toolkit.
  • Travel to different job locations as required.

Business / organisational development

  • Identify and act upon opportunities to develop the Rethink Partners brand and offer, with new or existing clients. Identify and convert new business opportunities.
  • Generate market intelligence – both of competitors and collaborators – and flag opportunities routinely at team meetings.
  • Develop and maintain a network of client and partner contacts that will enhance the Rethink Partners reputation, client portfolio and pipeline.
  • Be proactive in managing your own profile and reputation and that of the business e.g. blogs, speaking events.
  • Be proactive in identifying ways to improve Rethink Partners business processes, products, tools and operations and feed these in regularly.
  • Undertake lead responsibility for any identified business areas as requested and relevant to your expertise and experience.
  • Provide feedback regularly to the wider team.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with the wider team informally and formally (e.g. through hosting learning events).
  • Contribute to business planning and strategy development in line with our values and to build a sustainable business for the benefit of all employees, owners and clients.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people/vulnerable adults and to work in line with safeguarding / DBS requirements.
  • To work as a member of a team and communicate effectively with colleagues; attend team meetings, planning days and other corporate events as required.
  • Positively embrace inclusivity, diversity and equality in all aspects of your work.
  • Provide evidence of disclosure barring service check.
  • Undertake mandatory online training including safeguarding vulnerable adults, information governance, equality and diversity and health and safety – working from home
  • Undertake any other duties as reasonably requested.

Key Skills, Experience and Competencies:

  • A pleasant, approachable and friendly demeanour
  • Excellent interpersonal, and communication skills (written and oral)
  • Act with discretion at all times and be sensitive to the need to be respectful of confidential client information
  • Sense of priority and the ability to work on own initiative
  • Tenacity and attention to detail
  • Flexibility and adaptability to manage a diverse range of different tasks
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Good numerical skills
  • Good IT skills, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Good understanding of analytical techniques
  • Curiosity, generosity, open-minded and respectful
  • Open minded, objective and anti-discriminatory in mindset with all stakeholders
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Good thematic analysis skills

How to apply for the position

If you’d like to talk further about the position, then do get in touch via the form below, but please remember we want people who have direct experience of working in social care or the NHS.

We will be in contact with you to organise a pre-application call.