What is Cassius?

Cassius is a digital care service created by Suffolk Country Council. After a tendering process, digital device makers Alcove, Rethink Partners and Medequip got to work in May ’21, helping Suffolk CC deliver personalised support so people can live more independent, empowered and connected lives. Cassius went live in July ’21, quickly making significant and sustainable impact for our service users and the people who support them.

Collaborating closely with stakeholders at every stage of the care chain we…

  • unpicked the specific challenges for Suffolk CC, which had in their words very limited legacy infrastructure following a varied and largely unsuccessful history with assistive tech
  • collaborated on the creation of a care model supported by digital assistive or monitoring devices, a core collection focussing in high need including video carephones, falls prevention devices and wearable smartwatches. We worked closely with our delivery partners to provide a service both publicly and privately funded residents can access
  • delivered training to 142 front line practitioners, including 48 digital champions and 94 wider adult social care staff, using our Theory of Change  methodology to help embed a digital-first culture to promote independence and choice among residents.

Benefits to public services


By the end of our three training sessions, practitioner confidence in referring clients to digital solutions had increased 15 fold.

Practitioners started delivering data-led care sessions within 25 days of Cassius going live. Within 50 days Suffolk County Council was reporting ROI on the invested technology spend of more than 300%.

 In its first five months Cassius saved an estimated £1 million in care costs for Suffolk County Council by preventing or delaying the need for further care. Within nine months the figure stood at £2.2 million.

Within nine months Cassius had reached 1,000 referrals and the deployment of 1,600 devices, putting independence back on the agenda for 1,000 users and their families


Cassius Promotional Video

What’s next?

“I’m usually a cynic but I’m optimistic about this; I think it’s going to be a game changer”

– feedback from a practitioner during training

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