Tech will become obsolete; your mission must be timeless

Devices don’t always age well, but there is a secret to future-proofing care-tech procurement says Clare Morris of Rethink Partners. Search as we might for the most intuitive digital devices, and seamlessly integrated systems, we have to face an awkward reality: tech ages fast.  Even if your kitchen doesn’t have a drawer rammed with old […]

Money is essential for social care, but we also have to change the way we spend it

Forget political grandstanding: social care isn’t getting the cash it deserves. But when it comes aren’t there ways to spend it better? asks Clare Morris When you think about your future, perhaps your later years, you probably imagine yourself surrounded by the people, places and things that matter most to you. It’s what most of […]

Is housing the Ringo in your social care model?

It’s easily overlooked, but housing can create the conditions that let the magic happen, says Clare Morris Looking at the complex connections between health, social care and communities, it’s easy to forget that a key strand is housing, whether council built and/or owned or out there on the commercial market. Planners, developers, and house builders […]

“Everyone has the fear they ought to know more”

Want to implement real culture change in your organisation’s approach to digital? It’s time foranamnesty of digital blindspots, says Irene Carson What is it about the field of digital tech that has so many people feeling inadequate? Digital technology moves at a pace that sometimes takes your breath away, but it’s a culture of curiosity […]

5 reasons winning sign-off on your digital plan is the new Minecraft

Navigating your organisation’s governance isn’t easy. Time to think like a gamer, says Irene Carson We all want to make a difference in social care – we all want to ‘be the change’ – but when it comes to navigating the hierarchies and decision-making forums in your organisation, that takes some smart and tactical thinking. Tapping into […]