Essex County Council: Keeping people connected during COVID-19

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Essex County Council: Keeping people connected during COVID-19

When it became apparent the Covid-19 pandemic was affecting vulnerable people more than most, Rethink Partners worked together with Essex County Council to connect the older generations and those with disabilities to their friends and family via a county-wide rollout of Video Carephones.


As the UK entered into lockdown, Essex County Council (ECC) quickly and proactively committed to providing care technology to vulnerable local people, to keep them connected and supported during Covid-19.


We worked with the council to identify how vulnerable people were being affected by lockdown and worked with care providers, social workers, commissioners, NHS organisations, the voluntary sector, and a network of frontline professionals to deliver.


In just 16 weeks, we have achieved what no other care technology project has been able to achieve, including 1,200 devices delivered and 230,000 minutes of voice and video calls and conversations made.

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