local government association (lga) & rethink partners

Digital support offer for councils autumn 2021 - spring 2022

Following on from the earlier Care Technology Support Programme, Rethink Partners and the LGA have teamed up to support councils in the next stage of our collaboration. 

The programme of work has been designed to support councils to realise their ambitions for care technology, adopting digital tools and solutions in adult social

The launch webinar

2021/2022 Programme Features

Strengthening Sector Capability

We are looking for three councils to work closely with the Rethink Partners team from November 2021 to March 2022; councils will receive direct bespoke support from Rethink Partners on aspects of care technology; will co-produce tools and content to share with the sector; participate in a community of practice; all culminating in a masterclass to share learning and experiences. This is a unique opportunity to receive specialist support from Rethink Partners.

Digital Leadership

Five councils will have the opportunity to participate in a digital leadership programme running from November 2021 to March 2022. We have seen the importance of having both an engaged and committed senior leader and a dedicated care technology lead in those councils who are making the most rapid progress. This programme is therefore looking for councils who can commit people undertaking both of these roles to participate in the digital leadership programme.

Digital platform

To support the programme delivery, we will be launching a digital platform to capture and share content, tools and other resources in one place, and so that they can be accessed at a time and pace to suit individual circumstances. Content will include videos and podcasts from key thought leaders in the public sector, educational blogs, external resources and digital tools to help broaden your knowledge and develop a more cohesive strategy for your organisation, focusing on collaboration and innovation.