Suffolk County Council: Keeping people connected during COVID-19

Suffolk County Council: Keeping people connected during COVID-19

As the UK entered into lockdown, Suffolk County Council (SCC) committed to providing care technology to vulnerable local people, to keep them connected and supported during Covid-19.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became clear to Suffolk County Council that there was a large sector of the community isolated from their support network. It wanted to enable vulnerable people to get that connection back and so Rethink was onboarded to get tech to the people that needed it.


We engaged with care technologists and market leaders to identify available offers, then worked closely with social care teams, care providers and Digital Care Advisors to roll out video carephones to vulnerable people who don't readily have access to technology.


In just 16 weeks, we have achieved what no other care technology project in Suffolk has been able to achieve, including delivering 750 video carephones to the community and training 120 individual health and care professionals over 50 sessions.

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