The magic is happening…see for yourself!

The magic is happening…see for yourself!

Meet Pam, an 88-yr-old dog lover whose social worker, Jacob, was concerned to find her back door open on a morning visit. Jacob was able to recommend a sensor package for Pam’s home, and data showed him that Pam lets her dog out at night, checks the bins, and often forgets to shut her back door.

Mystery solved!

Jacob was able to see that Pam does stay in the house, a relief all round, and is working with Pam to keep her safe and well in her own home, delaying residential care.

Celebrating these wins isn’t just a nice moment for our team; social care urgently needs these stories of hope and success.

Sharing our learnings, our failings and discoveries is a vital strand of this digital transformation work. Here’s to the next 500 Cassius users!

You can find more real-life stories, and see exactly how Cassius is changing lives across Suffolk, in our new infographic below.

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