what we do

our process

You’ll love working with us because we bring first-hand experience of leading in the public sector and combine it with a range of other skills: insight, research, strategy, transformation, evaluation. We understand technology, but we are not a technology company so we won’t speak in jargon. We are committed to working with our clients to make impactful change happen – whatever it takes. We enable transformation of the health and care sector through innovation, building skills and capability and new ways of thinking. We do so by following our proven 6-step process.


We begin by gathering an understanding of the challenges and opportunities as people involved see them and of the obstacles. We work hard to speak to the less obvious people who may see things from a unique perspective.


Next, we put on our metaphorical hard hats and begin to explore the real impact that problems are having on those planning, delivering and accessing health and care services. Our curiosity often takes us to unexpected places.


Having gathered all the information, we look at all angles, triangulate with local and national data and drill down to the core problems that need addressing. We won't hesitate to explore further if we feel it adds new value, depth & perspective.


Through analysis we reach discovery. The benefit of bringing our fresh eyes to a problem is that we often see things you won’t. Sometimes there are simpler solutions. We stay close to you during this phase to ensure it resonates.


The creative bit! We bring people together to share what we’ve found and together create a clear and achievable course of action; we share skills as well as insights and solutions, and will help you plan resources for the next phase.


The proof point that makes it all worthwhile. We will stand alongside you, get our hands dirty, and share our knowledge and expertise to give whatever help you need to ensure a successful, grounded and sustainable delivery.