Digital switchover is HERE – this is what you need to do

Yet to get a grip on switchover? It’s time to tool up, says Clare Morris When your in-tray is overflowing, there’s nothing quite so dangerous as a very long deadline. The digital switchover of analogue phone lines has been on the horizon for years, the distant date of 2025 lulling many of us into a […]

Think like a gamer: 5 reasons winning sign-off on your digital plan is the new Minecraft

We all want to make a difference in social care – we all want to ‘be the change’ – but when it comes to navigating the hierarchies and decision-making forums in your organisation, that takes some smart and tactical thinking. Tapping into the right governance, both in your organisation and maybe partner organisations, and leveraging your influence […]

The magic is happening…see for yourself!

Meet Pam, an 88-yr-old dog lover whose social worker, Jacob, was concerned to find her back door open on a morning visit. Jacob was able to recommend a sensor package for Pam’s home, and data showed him that Pam lets her dog out at night, checks the bins, and often forgets to shut her back […]

Is housing the Ringo in your social care model?

It’s easily overlooked, but housing can create the conditions that let the magic happen, says Clare Morris Looking at the complex connections between health, social care and communities, it’s easy to forget that a key strand is housing, whether council built and/or owned or out there on the commercial market. Planners, developers, and house builders […]

Digital Boomers Strength and Balance Playbook

NHS North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (on behalf of the North East Essex Health & Wellbeing Alliance) asked Rethink Partners to apply our Digital Boomers ‘digital activation’ methodology to the strength and balance agenda in their corner of Essex which, at 361,000, has one of the fastestgrowing populations in the country. Numbers of older […]

Money is essential for social care, but we also have to change the way we spend it

Forget the political grandstanding, social care isn’t getting the cash it deserves. But when it comes aren’t there ways to spend it better? asks Clare Morris When you think about your future, perhaps your later years, you probably imagine yourself surrounded by the people, places and things that matter most to you. It’s what most […]

Data wars: why councils must win public trust on personal data

From viral personality quizzes to seamless shopping experiences, big tech has long known the value of collecting data from consumers. Now the public sector must catch up, says Lewis Sheldrake  Remember those quizzes that used to do the rounds on Facebook? ‘Which Harry Potter Character Are You? or ‘What Will You Look Like in 15 […]

Hive mind: 5 reasons to build dialogue into your commissioning process

Are orthodox commissioning procedures failing your users? Pull more thinking power in and everyone wins, says Sam Bassett Imagine walking into a car showroom looking for the best price on a blue car that will do 60mph. You have a pretty clear idea of what you’re going to get, right? Now imagine saying to the […]

Befriending Alexa: what the arrival of the tech giants means for your care offer

Apple, Google and Amazon are wising up to care opportunities with their tech, but are local authorities positioned to benefit? A shift in the care technology landscape is coming, says Sam Bassett Future-proofing our care tech hasn’t been a huge concern over the last 15 or 20 years. After all, the offer from the main […]